Sunday, July 18, 2010

Challenge #12

Hiya peeps!

I feel like I've been under a rock for the last month!  I've had a ton of work to do, which is tricky with the kids home days for summer.  And I've had almost no mojo, which has made reading preferable to crafting when I do get some free time.

This image is from Sandra's Snippets, a quilt blog I visit periodically.  Sandra does amazing design and applique work, often showing you the steps she uses to create her designs.  The level of detail she incorporates is truly amazing, and it gives her quilts a depth and realism that is not often seen in quilts.  This is her most recent quilt in development.  Yes, that is fabric combined with embroidery. It's almost painterly, isn't it?

Use this image as inspiration for your creation - whether it's the color combination, the script background, the bird/flowers combo, or some other idea that is triggered by it.

Can't wait to see what you do!  And I'll be making something inspired by it, too! 

Hoping to do some blog hopping around the Peeps world soon,



Carol's Ink Spot said...

This inspiration piece is beautiful! Ideas are starting to form in the brain. Hope to get something together soon. Thanks for a great challenge!

Vannessa said...

Beautiful inspiration photo! Here's mine:

Hope you like it, Vannessa :)

peggysue said...

Made mine, I used some inspiration from it for my blog hop post. And I know you are all dedicated blog hoppers, so I'm sure you'll see it! Love that image, so beautiful! I want a quilt that looks just like that!

Angy said...

Here is mine as well:

Thanks for another great challenge ladies!