Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good morning Peeps!

I'm sending this message via our blog because I really don't think it is appropriate to in the PTI Forum. But have you seen Lauren Meader's template for today??? A teapot! It is gorgeous! Now I'm really going to break down and get a digital cutter before the holidays. There will also be a stamp set to coordinate with it and there is a lovely teacup I can envision making into cards. Here is a link just in case you ahve not been following her since she left PTI.
OMG you are going to LOVE this!

Have a great day!


Sharron said...

Hi Carol, I get Lauren's emails but have never purchased anything yet. She does such wonderful templates and I thought this one was one of the best. Love it and thanks for your note!

Silke Ledlow said...

AWWW Carol..I'm so happy to hear you like Lauren's teapot...I had a blast making mine!!! It's definitely a fun gift idea!!! Hope you keep checking in with Lauren this week..she has a few more adorable templates lined up!!! Hugs ~S~

Terri said...

I saw it and already have plans for it. Can't wait until tonight so I can order it. Hope you get a digital cutter soon!

Nerina said...

Thanks for sharing this one Carol - I'm intrigued :0)!!

Cammie said...

I did see the teapot. Lauren's templates are amazing! I got my digital cutter in December, believing that PTI was going to get the SVG files to the Timeless Templates; I've been putting off purchasing the SVG program until PTI offered the SVG files even though there are many wonderful templates offered elsewhere. I was frustrated to learn that PTI now has no plans to offer SVG files. I wish PTI would make announcements about future plans and products when they are more certain their plans are actually going to occur. Ok, now that I have had my little venting session and been Negative Nellie, back to Lauren's templates; I am ready to invest in the SVG program in order to purchase some Lauren's templates. I love the rose template she has, and love the flower that Terri created with it. So hat's off to Lauren!