Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm Janice, and have lived in Wake Forest, NC for a while now.  I settled down here after traipsing through Denver, CO (5 years - graduate school), Charlottesville, VA (6 years - college/work), and Dedham, MA (where I grew up).  Dedham's claim to fame is the Fairbanks House, the oldest woodframe house in the US. It was built in 1637 - no great shakes for you European Peeps, but pretty old for the States.

I love to scrap, make cards, quilt, read and bake.  I started sewing when I was 10 years old, and took to it like a duck to water.  I mostly did garments, but began quilting at 22 and haven't looked back since.  Scrapping, stamping and cardmaking came later, after graduate school.  A neighbor asked me to several parties (CTMH, SU, and Creative Memories) and I was hooked.  I also do a lot of digital scrapping. 

I'm spoiled rotten by a husband who does most of the cooking and grocery shopping.  We have two sons, Matthew (7) and Jeremy (5 1/2), a Labrador retriever (Ribby), and a guard cat (Nollie). We are nuts about baseball (Red Sox) and DisneyWorld.

Lately I haven't had much creative time.  I started back to work, part-time, in mid-December.  I am a medical writer, and review data on new medications and then write up reports and other documents for FDA submission.  I am trying to find a balance between work, the kids, home duties, and creative time - it'll probably take a few more months for me to have a new routine down.  So my apologies in advance if I'm not as active in the next month or so as I'd like to be!

I spent about 2 years as an editor for ScrapStreet Magazine, and am still an administrator for the site.  It is a free e-zine, with a Cards column and lots of other sections on scrapping, altered items, and digital techniques.  I've been really impressed by all your creations and creativity so far.  Be prepared to have me pester you let you all know about calls and to encourage you to submit for publication! 

Thank you so much for letting me be part of this group!


Aimes said...

Hi Janice! Oh how lucky you are to have such a wonderful DH! I have to confess my guy is the cook at our place too (gives me a little more time to get inky ;D)
I dunno 1637 is pretty old, I'd definitely be interested in seeing the woodframe house as I love history!
Maybe it'll be you who finally nudges me to submit something for publication this year....;D

Rhonda said...

Janice, So nice to know more about you. I think there are several of us in the group who would like to be pushed a little. Good luck figuring out the new schedule.

Terri said...

It is great to find out more about you! How cool you were in Denver for awhile. I have tried to submit my work but only had something published once so I have kind of given up now. Maybe you will convince me to try again.

Lori said...

Hi Janice! So nice to meet you!! A year ago I went from working full time to just 16 hours a week. It is quite an adjustment when we have such a change in our schedule. Take your time and find the right balance!
I'm so scared to submit! So many excellent stampers out there!!

Cammie said...

Hi Janice. It's great to meet you. My DH does our grocery shopping too and helps quite a bit in the kitchen. Gotta love a man who shops for groceries! I think it's amazing that working moms find time at all to craft. What a busy schedule you must have! After seeing what others in the group create, I'm often intimidated to even post a card on my blog, so I can't imagine submitting for publication.

Sharron said...

Hi Janice! Wow, another super busy gal! I am always impressed with anyone who can juggle family, work and hobbies too! Good luck with your new job schedule--sounds like an interesting position. Change always taking time. I know I just went from working full time to retirement and even that takes quite an adjustment. My DH also started cooking and doing grocery shopping when he became semi-retired a couple of years ago. What a blessing!

It is so great to get acquainted through PTI and the Peeps. Hugs!

peggysue said...

Finding that work/life balance is tricky, isn't it? Sometimes its crazy and sometimes it slows down to a more comfortable level, but you can do it. I"d love to see some of your quilts. NC is a nice place to end up . . . warmer than here! I've always messed around making things since I was young too, my grandmother taught me to knit when I was five and I never stopped crafting after that.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Hello Janice, So glad you are on this Peeps team! Sounds to me like you are learning to balance everything once again. We all tend to do that when new 'roads' are followed. We should all post a great recipe or two come September for the holidays. Sounds like many of us like to bake.

Linda W said...

Hi Janice. Sounds like we have a lot in common. We'll have to compare stitches someday. Looking forward to seeing lots of your cards.